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Today I finished the first PXE Options for my Synology.

I configured the PXE Options in my Diskstation added some Bootmanager files and set up three Boot Images.
1 – C’T Desinfect 2013 to scan and clean Viruses / Trojans directly without any Boot DVDs or USB Sticks
2 – DART 8.1 64 BIT – To use DART Tools from Microsoft for 64 Bit OS installations
3 – DART 8.1 32 BIT – To use DART Tools from Microsoft for 32 Bit OS installations

I will create the Tutorial in the next few days and I will add the Bootmanager files and the PXE Config to it.
You only have to get the DART Tools and the C’T Desinfect 2013.

Here you will find my tutorial to this project:

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  • Daniel

    Hi, could you please advise how to do setting for boot windows from synology from PXE? Hope you can assist.

    • Andreas Wilmer

      Hey Daniel,
      I didn’t get a working copy of Windows PXE yet.
      I’m still working on a solution to get a bootable Installation Media for Win 7 and Win 8.
      Do you need something else ?

  • Radu

    I am interested as well in PXE with Synology and Win 7 or Win 8 image

    • Andreas Wilmer

      I didn’t had the time to check these but I will do it in the next two month.

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