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one year and no post later… I’m back on my website and a lot of my skills changed in the past year.

We have built a complete new infrastructure with Active Directory, Exchange on premise, a printer management system, a monitoring system and a lot of other business applications in it.

It was a year full of unknown situations, missing knowledge and problems.

But it was also a year of skilling up my Infrastructure knowledge… especially Powershell.

We’ve build a lot automation tasks for our whole environment which is not that small .

more than 0 user accounts
more than 0 Clients
more than 0 Server
more than 0 lines of Powershell Code written by me
around 0 Sites

all this splitted  into three complete new forests with it own infrastructure.

We’ve learned a lot about IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and how you don’t want it.

Bad decisions were made because of saving money (in the first step)… but we’re almost finished with it.

We’re still working on automation of the entire user management and building GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) to reduce the amount of administrative permissions.

Some of the Skills I’ve learned, I will add to a new series of HowTo’s.

They will start soon… I only have to write down the basics and take some screenshots of it (using Windows instead of MacOS)


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